About Immediate Ai Urex

Immediate Ai Urex can create Bitcoin trading opportunities for traders in any part of the world regardless of their background.

How Immediate Ai Urex Came into Being

The founder of the platform used to be a trader. He was an avid trader in the forex market. The coming of Bitcoin was quite a surprise for him because he was astonished with the idea of decentralized currencies. He had heard the concept and never would have thought it could become a reality someday. However, when Bitcoin started to become popular around the world in its early years, he started reading about it.

Next thing you know, he decided in 2013 that he wanted to trade Bitcoin. However, the professional trader in him wanted to make sure he fully understood the asset and the differences from conventional forex trading he would encounter when trading this new type of currency. He started to test different ways to trade Bitcoin. More importantly, he noted down every move he made to make sure that he had documented proof of what worked in Bitcoin trading.

After a few years of trading Bitcoin and then working on the platform for three more years, he eventually came up with Immediate Ai Urex. It was a platform that was designed to allow forex traders to smoothly transition from fiat currency trading to cryptocurrency trading. At the same time, it allowed new traders to begin trading without putting everything at stake.

What’s the Team’s Mission?

The team works every day to prove that Bitcoin trading is no different than forex trading other than a few easily understandable concepts. The mission is to continuously improve the platform to reach a point where a first time trader in the cryptocurrency trading world would be able to hopefully trade as effectively as someone who has been trading for years.

What’s the Team’s Vision?

The vision of the team is to be a Bitcoin focused trading platform for today’s trader’s to get involved with what is considered by some as the currency of the future. In the coming times, the team aims to make it one of the most reliable online platforms for anyone interested in Bitcoin trading.